Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tutorial: Simple New Years Cake Toppers

Curtis Stone Wafer Bakers are amazing

Pink sugar crystal edging

Coloured chocolate chips make an
excellent alternative to writing or painting.
Today’s post is a quick tutorial on how to make the 2012 cake toppers that adorned my 30th birthday cake.
I was reasonably happy with how these turned out. The pink sugar crystals were a bit messy. If I were to make these for a friend, I would over pipe the sugar crystals on the front and rear faces, to create a clean boundary.

The mould I used to create the base for my toppers was the Tear Silicone Wafer Baker by Curtis Stone. I must admit I have never seen wafer moulds before. As soon as I saw this product, I knew that I would be filling it with chocolate to make cake toppers. One of these days, I may use them for tuiles or wafers. You could also use these mould for sugar work, as they are heat resistant to 260 degrees C (500 degrees F).

To make my teardrops, I melted some white cooking chocolate in the microwave and filled the wafter baker. It is important to tap the mould to ensure that there are no air bubbles. Once I had removed all visible air bubbles, I popped the mould into the fridge. Once they were set, the teardrops popped effortlessly out of the mould.

Despite the chocolate bases having clean edges, I wanted to jazz them up a little. A quick fossick through my pantry revealed some pink sugar crystals. Whilst I am not a great fan of pink, I thought they would be a good experiment. To attach the crystals I rubbed a hot knife along the edge of the teardrops to melt the chocolate and then rolled the edges in the sugar. When doing this it is important not to melt too much chocolate because it is easy to square the rounded edges.

The step of decoration was to use coloured chocolate drops to create each number of 2012. When attaching the chocolate drops, I recommend using additional melted chocolate as an adhesive rather than melting the existing chocolate, because attaching chocolate chips requires a lot more chocolate than sugar crystals.

These teardrops are 3mm thick, so it is possible to add a variety of candies and other edibles without fear of them breaking. They also make a nice canvas for edible paintings.

I hope this has inspired you.

Darkbyte xx

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