Monday, January 2, 2012

How Do You Store Your Decorating Tips?

I must confess I am a decorating tip addict. I am sure that I will never use at least 50% of the decorating tips in my collection, but I just like to have them. My collection started with a Wilton master cake decorating tip set that I purchased from one of my favourite online stores ‘His & Hers Treasures.’ Since this initial purchase, I have added about ten tips to my collection and have another eight on my wish list.

This ever-growing collection brings me to the question: How do you organise your decorating tips? Do you order them by number, by style (e.g. basket weave, open star, closed star, drop flower, leaf, etc), or by their frequency of use? Do you leave spaces for the tips that you do not own yet, but hope to purchase in the future?

For the moment, I have my decorating tips ordered sequentially. I was thinking about ordering them by category, but until I can recognise which numbers belong to a given category, using a sequential system makes life easier when a book tells me to use tip X (the numbers for some of the Wilton speciality tips have me stumped). Even though I was tempted, I have not gone as far as to leave spaces for the tips that I do not own yet.

I keep my collection in two Wilton Large Tip Saver cases. I am a fan of these cases. They are very sturdy and easy to transport. You can throw a case into the car and not worry about your tips moving from their positions. I will do a more detailed review of the tip saver cases later this week.

Wishing you all a happy New Year

Darkbyte xx

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